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Apple TV to Feature 8GB of Storage and 256MB of RAM

The newly released Apple TV is quite popular at the moment. Actually, the second generation Apple TV was expected to be a great device, and it definitely met all expectations. Well, if you want to find out more about how the device will perform, you should discover that it actually features an A4 processor, 8GB of storage and 256 of RAM. These are the same features found in the iPad and the newest generation iPod touch.

Even though performance seems to be great, what impresses most about this smart device is its design and size. Apple TV 2 is actually much smaller than its predecessor, even though it provides enhanced performance. Apple TV 2 uses a Samsung Flash chip, as well as an A4 processor which seems to be quite similar to the one found in the first generation iPad. This is a different processor from the one that iPhone 4 uses.

In the new Apple TV users will discover 256 RAM, which is something quite interesting, as the iPad and the iPod Touch also feature such a capacity. iPhone 4 currently is the Apple device which features most capacity from all iOS devices, having 512MB of RAM. 

The Apple TV also features 8GB of flash, so the device is not intended to store large TV or movie files. In this context it also is important to know that Apple TV does not allow purchases any longer, only rentals.

Analysts say that Apple TV mostly resembles the iPad from all Apple devices, as both products come with an A4 package and the same Broadcom Wi-Fi chip, provided by Panasonic.

In conclusion, Apple TV 2 has much to offer, having under consideration that the device can be purchased at the price of only $99. Moreover, probably in the near future, the usage of this device will be enhanced, as Steve Jobs claimed that Apple will release for it the App Store, even though Jobs offered no details on when this will happen.

Until the moment when the company will reveal its plans, numerous Apple TV users are waiting for a jailbreak possibility to be out for their device, which will allow them to access a series of apps that normally Apple bans.  
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