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iPhone 4 Review - Camera Photos & Videos

After several months of leaks and rumors on the release of the new iPhone 4, the popular smartphone finally is available for fans of Apple devices. 

The new smartphone is Apple’s fourth generation device, which seems to impress with the best mobile camera and the highest quality pictures featured by such a smartphone until today.

One of the most important features of iPhone 4 is its new FaceTime video chat. Its impressive mobile camera allows users to shot pictures, capture quality videos or enable video calls. With iPhone 4, taking pictures with your smart device will become much simpler. 

In fact, what Apple wanted to bring with its new release is an enhanced convenience and quality when it comes to camera, on both photos and videos, and this is exactly what the company managed to achieve.

When you see what kind of photos iPhone 4 can make, you will be surprised but not only with their quality, but with easy use, convenience and speed, too. There will be no lag between taking and capturing the picture.

iPhone 4 also comes with a new LED flash, which will enable users to take perfect shots.
When it comes to design, the new iPhone provides almost a similar experience such as the one of using a camera. 

The phone looks and feels like a camera, having flat edges and providing comfortable use. The camera app is simple to use and switch between the front and the rear facing camera.

iPhone 4 is without a doubt an amazing improvement compared to the previous models released on the market. The first iPhone that was released about 3 years ago was only able to take simple shots, having a very rudimentary camera. 

Now, the camera of iPhone 4 comes with 5x digital zoom, camera on front and back, video recording HD, VGA quality photos and LED flash. Moreover, its features include photo and video geotagging.

All these features are included in the thinnest smartphone released until now. iPhone 4 is extremely durable and scratch resistant, but also very light. 

And since this seems to be the era in which everything has to be easily captured in a photo, this smartphone seems to be the answer to the user’s needs. Camera quality currently is an important aspect when it comes to the popularity of a smartphone.
iPhone 4 Review - Camera Photos & Videos Reviewed by Maric Derek on 1/11/2010 01:15:00 PM Rating: 5

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