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Apple's iPhone 4 Retina Display

iPhone 4 promises to be a spectacular device both when it comes to capabilities and when referring to design. Steve Jobs himself claimed to be proud of the release that Apple made, which actually features a unique technology that the company calls the Retina display

Retina display is something new that Apple introduces along with its iPhone 4. Retina display actually is an LCD which brings amazing quality to the screen of this new smartphone.

 A super high pixel density, actually four times the number of pixels of the previous iPhone, makes the new screen spectacular. 

The new screen will actually shine due to this great pixel density. 
With this new technology, the screen of iPhone 4 is supposed to always look very smooth and to provide excellent usage to owners. 

The truth is that the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is pretty remarkable. The new iPhone promises to bring an improved contrast ratio, as well. 
Naturally, all thanks to the retina display. 

The retina display that iPhone 4 features will have a contrast ratio about four times higher than the previous smartphones generations released by Apple. Color display, as well as viewing angles are improved in the new smartphone. 

Retina display actually is liquid crystal display, which has a pixel density sufficient to make it unable for the human eye to distinguish individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. 
Naturally, the purpose is to provide users a unique quality when it comes to screen and display. iPhone 4 comes with a 960-by-640-pixel resolution, included in 3.5 inches, which means a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. The new screen shines, making this smartphone really attractive for clients. 

However, it is important to know that even though iPhone 4 will be an amazing high technology device, this isn’t the first super-high-resolution screen presented in a smartphone.

 This time, Apple was overpassed by Google’s Nexus One, which managed to bring a great technology with an OLED screen and a resolution of 800-by-400 pixels. Naturally, the two devices currently are in competition. However, it seems that the subpixel arrangement of Google Nexus might meet some problems.
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