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iPhone 4 Review - Hardware Fit & Finish

The fourth generation of Apple smartphones has just been released and it seems that iPhone 4 already has numerous fans all around the world. Apple has accustomed its clients with amazingly advanced technology and beautiful designs and it seems that its iPhone 4 is the biggest release of the company yet.

After months of rumors and waiting, iPhone 4 finally is on the market. And the awaiting was surely worth, as Apple brought users a slim design, an amazing display, but also excellent usage in its iPhone 4. 

Unlike previous models, the 4th generation iPhone is not coming with rubber flaps or a plastic cover. The hardware looks and feels great and the design is rather impressive. 

The cheap looking plastic case that iPhone 3G introduced back in 2008 is now gone and the new model looks irreproachable.

The 4th generation iPhone looks elegant and luxurious and feels highly qualitative. A mirrored glass front and back, a very thin stainless steel body and the appearance of every detail make iPhone 4 a very impressive release when it comes to design.

In fact, this iPhone comes in three basic parts: two parts of smooth strengthened glass and a stainless steel band. The headphone jack, the camera port, the volume buttons, everything is described as luxurious at this smartphone.

The details always make the difference and add a unique look to the iPhone. The new smartphone is thinner than previous releases, too.

In fact, the most notable change with the new iPhone comes in terms of hardware. Apple has completely rethought the design of its smartphone, this time putting a great accent on how their phone will look and feel. 

Even though iPhone 4 comes in an exquisite design, the company found a way to not sacrifice price for enhanced features. iPhone 4 comes at a comparable cost with other similar smartphones. Steve Jobs personally claimed that iPhone 4’s design is comparable with a beautiful, old Leica camera.

All its features make iPhone 4 the best smartphone on the market, at the moment. The new hardware, but also the amazing display and the great cameras of iPhone 4 make it extremely popular, too. This may be the most successful Apple release yet, despite some issues on the road.
iPhone 4 Review - Hardware Fit & Finish Reviewed by Unknown on 2/04/2010 01:44:00 PM Rating: 5

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