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Google Nexus One vs Apple iPhone 3GS

Two impressive smartphones, Google Nexus One and Apple iPhone 3GS, are the main options that customers have when willing to purchase a highly advanced device. Google’s Nexus One was actually manufactured by HTC, being quite similar to the phones that HTC sells in Europe under the name of Bravo. 

The first Android phone was released by Google back in October 2008 and Android 1.0 could be found in HTC’s Dream. The model was followed by a second and third generation, Magic and Hero.

Now, Google Nexus One added a series of new and amazing features to its new release. The display that Google Nexus One presents is distinctive and unusual, being unique compared to other devices, including Apple iPhone 3GS. 

Nexus One comes with an Organic LED display, while most of the other smartphones are based on a LCD display, as iPhone 3GS also is.

Google Nexus One has a 3.7 inches screen and a high-resolution high-density 800x480 pixel display. On the other hand, iPhone 3GS comes with a 3.5 inches screen and a medium-resolution medium-density 480x320 pixel display.

 Still, there are also aspects in which Google Nexus failed to deliver more than iPhone 3GS, although the smartphone was released later. For instance, Nexus One does not have hardware encryption. Moreover, the system that this smartphone uses, Android OS, does not allow to move apps from Android Market into the Flash RAM storage of the device. 

This means that usage will be limited, as some sophisticated apps or games will become unusable on Google Nexus One.

Google claims to be aware of the downsides that its phone features and maybe the company will solve these issues with its next releases. 

This is an industry in which performance grows with each year, so we should definitely expect for advancement in the following period both when it comes to the iPhone and when it comes to Google’s smartphones.

Until then, Google Nexus One seems to be an improved version of a smartphone, compared to Apple iPhone 3GS. This is why, it is expected for the next generation of iPhone to come with much improved features that will shadow Google’s smartphone.  
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