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iPad Spirit Jailbreak Compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch

With the newest jailbreak possibility available on the market, Apple’s iPad, but also iPhone 3GS and iPod touch, third generation, can now gain access to limitless apps. The new jailbreak which has become well known under the name of Spirit, can work with iPhone OS 3.2. This makes it a viable option for the iPad, but also for iPhone OS 3.1.3.

The new hack was actually revealed just one day after the release of the iPad. The hack was uncovered in a video posted on YouTube. It seems that this time the jailbreak community moved very fast, offering users of the iPad full access to their device. 

So, both iPhone and iPad users can now rely on jailbreaking to unlock several features of their Apple device, with the use of unauthorized apps.

The jailbreak process allows users to run apps that Apple would normally ban. This means that hackers have once again found a way to run software on Apple, software that normally is not allowed on these devices. 

With jailbreaking, the user has the possibility to customize the iPhone or the iPad, with certain applications that become compatible with the system.

Is jailbreaking a good think? While Apple seems to be against it, numerous owners of Apple devices seem to be extremely happy with jailbreaking possibilities. Unfortunately for Apple, there is nothing that the company can do to stop jailbreaking. Or almost nothing. 

Apple has several times tried to battle jailbreaking by updating their devices to make this possibility unable to work. Last year, Apple updated the BootROM featured in its iPhone 3GS with the main purpose to slow down hackers.

Naturally, the ongoing battle between Apple and the hackers’ community who is looking for jailbreaking possibilities to break into the operating system of these devices, will continue. And most likely for all the updates that Apple releases, modified versions of jailbreaking will hit the market. 

Even though Apple does not approve jailbreaking, these possibilities have numerous fans among the users of Apple devices. Naturally, jailbreaking has numerous benefits, but users should not forget that it will make the warranty of an Apple device void.  
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