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iPad's Custom Apple A4 Processor Revealed

As imagined, Apple could not keep a secret on its A4 processor for long. So, certain aspects linked to the custom-built processor featured in the new iPad have surfaced. It seems that the new and much awaited iPad is going to feature ARM-based CPU and GPU.

The new Apple A4 based on ARM processor architecture runs at 1GHz. This A4 processor seems to have actually been manufactured back in September 2009. Apple says that the new processor is so powerful that it will allow users to enjoy no less than 10 hours of battery life, as well as over one month of standby. 

Steve Jobs claimed that the new iPad will be a spectacular device and its processor seems to be one of the main reasons why. Jobs added that A4 is the most advanced chip that Apple has created to power the iPad. 

Everything is featured in just one chip, which has the processor, the graphics, but also the memory controller.
The fact that Apple A4 chip is going to be featured in the iPad was just announced now, so everyone is expecting to find out more about this impressive new update from Apple.

It is said that Apple A4 features the Cortex-A9 MPCore, a ARM mail 50-series GPU and a memory controller. Compared to iPhone 3GS, the iPad will be quicker, more functional and in fact its next-generation processor will make all other similar devices seem slow and overpassed.

Consequently, it is expected for the new generation iPhone to feature this processor, too. The new iPhone is said to be introduced this year, but the release date is yet to be confirmed by the famous manufacturer. 

Naturally, as it happened with all Apple devices, probably rumors on the release of the iPad and the new iPhone will continue in the following period.

So, Apple confirmed that a new iPhone will be out this year, but it is yet to see what will happen. The famous manufacturer announced the original iPhone six months before the moment of its release, back in 2007. iPhone 3G was announced about two months before the official release. 

So, Apple likes to keep a surprise on its plans and most likely the company will continue to implement this type of policy.  
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