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SIM Ejector Tool Created by Liquidmetal for Apple's iPhone and iPad

Liquidmetal has recently signed a deal with Apple, this being an exclusive agreement that indicates this powerful company will from now on be in charge with creating the materials for the SIM ejector tool which is featured in the iPhone and the 3G iPad.

Liquidmetal is the maker of a super-strong alloy which is used to create the SIM ejector tool in Apple devices.

Atakan Peker, the co-creator of this company, claimed that he recognized his metal in iPhone 3G a while ago, when he first opened the device.

Peker said that he immediately realized that it was his metal there.

The metal produced by Liquidmetal is unbendable and cannot be modified with the hands, naturally unless you want to hurt or cut your fingers.

This super-strong alloy is an invention of Liquidmetal, which owns the right to sell it.

Now, Peker signed an exclusive deal with Apple to manufacture the SIM eject tool for the devices released by the famous company.

Why is Apple interested in this super-strong alloy? Well, only if you know the strength of this material you will find the answer to this question. The alloy is 2.5 times the strength of titanium and more than 1.5 times the hardness of stainless steel.

Starting with 2003, Liquidmetal’s alloy has been used in various products, including medical equipment, but also sporting equipment. Moreover, it seems that the product has also been featured in equipment of the US Department of Defense.

With the new deal that Liquidmetal made with Apple, the intellectual property assets of the company have been granted to the computer and smartphone manufacturer.

This means that Apple will now have exclusive rights in using the alloy, which Liquidmetal cannot license for use to other company on the market where Apple competes. Consequently, this alloy cannot be found in other electronic products.

It is speculated that the deal that Apple signed is worth no less than $10.9 million. Liquidmetal already announced that signing this deal with Apple has helped them pay a lot of their debts.

So, it surely seems that both parties benefited from this new agreement.
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