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Apple's iPad and iPhone OS 3.2 Review

The iPad managed to shock and impress, at the same time. While some expected the iPad to be similar with other tablets available on the market, others expected to see something more like a laptop.

Well, the iPad is something absolutely new, delighting all its users. It is not similar to a smartphone and it is not similar to a laptop, either.

The iPad is very simple to use, so you will easily learn how to complete all the tasks you may want on your smart device. A series of tools make usage quite easy, naturally thanks to the touchscreen technology.

The iPad is now described as a big iPod touch, but some claim that it looks like a small MacBook. The iPad comes with a LCD screen, such as the iPhone.

However, when compared to the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t warm that fast during usage.

The iPad actually seems to be a spectacular product, both when it comes to features and when referring to design.

The iPad has a battery with 5.5 times the capacity of the iPhone. An energy saving product, the iPad comes with a virtual keyboard that is extremely easy to use, as well.

The keys are naturally larger compared with the iPhone, as the screen is bigger, too. This is very important for comfortable use, making the iPad perfect for browsing, but also to handle various documents.

Apple decided to release the iPad with iPhone OS 3.2. The new system brings numerous improvements. For instance, it introduces a home screen that can flip sideways and upside down.

Apps can work the way the user wants, for enhanced usability. The screen adjusts the way the user needs.

The iPad is fun to use and provides certain benefits to the iPhone. Naturally, there are numerous differences between a tablet computer and a smartphone.

The device is great for users who want to play some games on their device, games which are also available on the iPhone.

Naturally, a bigger screen means a better experience for gamers. The iPad is solid and attractive when it comes to design, but it is great for writing emails and accessing accounts on various sources, too.

Even though many features can be found on the iPhone, too, the bigger screen on the iPad provides an enhanced experience.
Apple's iPad and iPhone OS 3.2 Review Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 6/02/2010 02:20:00 PM Rating: 5

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