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Steve Jobs Talks about Rumors on Apple’s 7-inch iPad

Steve Jobs recently claimed that the rumors on the release of a smaller version of the iPad are not true.

So, the much debated 7-inch iPad from Apple is not in development and most likely the company does not have in perspective manufacturing such a device.

Steve Jobs claims that the reason why Apple is not interested in releasing a 7 inch tablet is because the screen is too small to express the advanced software that the device features.

During Apple’s fourth quarter conference call, Steve Jobs said that his company is certain that developers are not able to squeeze into the small 7-inch screen the technology that the iPad is based on and this is why the software will need to be changed along with the screen size changes.

Jobs also explained that the decision that Apple took is not linked to the cost that a 7-inch tablet would have, but it actually is all determined in terms of software.

Jobs claimed that for him it is all about the value of the product. He explained that Apple is always trying to put a lot of efforts to release the best products on the market and this is exactly what they managed to do with the iPad and the iPod.

However, in case the market will more towards the 7-inch tablet, which is smaller, but also costs less, maybe Apple will lose.

When asked what the company thinks about that, Steve Jobs said that a cheaper and a smaller iPad would be a product that contains a slower processor, less memory but also less advanced apps.

Steve claimed that only faster processors and bigger screens can make better apps for customers.

As more and more manufacturers seem to be quite attracted by the possibility to release the 7-inch tablet, which can become more accessible for an important category of individuals, Apple seems to be determined to continue to focus on technology and deliver the best to its clients in the 9.7-inch model.

In conclusion, the comments that Steve Jobs recently made have only come to dismiss all rumors indicating that Apple plans on releasing a 7-inch iPad. However, what the company will do next is something we will find in the following period.
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