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Is IBM Planning Lotus for Apple iPad? Apple Hits the eBook Market

The iPad is one of the most interesting releases by Apple until now. And naturally, numerous rumors are linked to this new product. 

As IBM just released the Lotus software for the iPhone, rumors on a potential link to the iPad, too, have already occurred. 

Is IBM planning Lotus for the iPad, too? Well, the Lotus software is currently found in both the iPhone and the iPod touch, so there is no wonder that this question occurred now. 

IBM’s manager Alistair Rennie claimed that their customers are really excited about the iPad, so IBM will focus its attention on this new device, too. IBM will design applications targeted at the iPad and hopes that the company will be able to release them close to the delivery date of the new Apple device.

Alistair Rennie also claimed that he is certain that they will be able to do very interesting things and this is an amazing opportunity. 

Even though the iPad addresses to a larger category of individuals, Rennie says that this new device will most likely be used by executives who blend their home and work life and who want to use a personal gadget to store important information or data. 

So, Rennie told Forbes that he is almost sure that the iPad will become amazingly popular among executives, who according to him, will use the device for both personal and business purposes.

At least for now, IBM has no personal mobile operating system to promote, which means that the company can focus its attention on Apple. 

On the other hand, it is said that Apple targets business users with the release of the iPad, even though the company has specified nothing on this matter. 

However, it is rumored that the iPad will include certain features that will especially draw business users, including here direct network printing and support to access shared files.

Another aspect that has kept the iPad in debates is its LCD screen, which promises to provide much better viewing angles and superior clarity. 

Moreover, this screen is compared to the one of the Kindle eBook, being claimed that the iPad’s screen is not better or worse for the eyes than what Kindle provides. 

This means that Apple may even enter on the eBook market. The new iBooks application only comes to make the device even more attractive from this point of view.
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