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Apple's iPad Review: iPhone OS vs. Mac OS X

The iPad was one of the most expected products on the market and numerous rumors and speculations have been made until the moment of its official announcement. One of the main debates that have been linked to the release of the iPad regarded the operating system that the device will feature. 

While some believed that the iPad will feature the Mac OS X, it seems that the new device will actually be based on the iPhone OS.

Actually, a lot of criticism is associated to the fact that Apple’s iPad is not featuring the Mac OS X, as this new device is rather closer the performance of a Mac, than the one of an iPhone. Apple already made the public announcement in which the company stated that they will include an iOS system on their iPad. 

Since the moment when this announcement has been made, some analysts started to debate the fact that it would actually make more sense for the iPad to use a full version of Mac OS X.

This is sustained by the fact that the Mac OS X is more suitable to run a wide range of applications, which would be easily accessible on the iPad, too. However, if Apple would have decided to go for the Mac OS X, the company would just release a similar device to the Microsoft Tablet PC which is based on Windows. Still, Apple wanted to introduce to this fans an absolutely unique product.

The iPad is a desktop operating system on a mobile device. It features 1024x768 display resolution, touchscreen technology, as well as numerous additional features that provide easy use. 

The iPad comes with a new Cocoa Touch platform, which is designed to respond to the expectation of the user, as it intuitively responds to touch the way users would naturally expect to have their interaction with the screen. The Cocoa Touch is based on direct finger contract and not on pointing devices.

Apple demonstrated that basing on its unique technology, the company can release a unique model of a tablet computer, that works great and which provides a wonderful experience to users.
Apple's iPad Review: iPhone OS vs. Mac OS X Reviewed by Unknown on 8/04/2010 02:30:00 PM Rating: 5

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