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Apple to Issue Software Fix for iPad Wi-Fi Problems

Numerous iPad owners have complained that their smart device meets some issues when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Well, it seems that this problem could be solved in the near future, as Apple announced that an upcoming software fix will put an end to the issue.

According to the famous manufacturer, the Wi-Fi connectivity issue has been experienced only by a very small number of iPad users.

However, Apple is very interested in solving all issues that users may meet, so the company will address this problem in its feature update.

Moreover, Apple provides its users a series of potential ways to fix this issue, until the new update, which has been announced even though the company did not provide an exact date for the release.

So, while Apple did not provide a timeline for the release of the new update, users can try the following potential ways that may solve their connectivity issue.

Verifying the Wi-Fi router firmware is the first aspect that Apple recommends. In case the router has a certain security encryption, intermittent disconnections can be experienced. This is another aspect that Apple asks its users to check out.

Apple advises users to make sure that the screen brightness of their device is not at the lowest level.

Owners of the iPad having connectivity problems are asked to turn the Wi-Fi off and on and verify if the connection has been reset. In case none of these possibilities to restore the Wi-Fi connection work, users should ask for support from Apple.

Many users reported different types of connectivity problems with their iPad. Some claimed to be unable to connect to a network, while others said that the Wi-Fi signal they get on their device is extremely weak.

Apple offered support to all users and claimed that certain Wi-Fi issues are known to occur with some third-party routers.

While Apple provides users certain tips, Princeton University also came with some options to solve this issue, claiming that there is a glitch in the device which turns out causing the malfunction.
So, the University offered a temporary solution, too, until Apple will release that software update to stop the problem for good.
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