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Survey indicates that the 16GB iPad 3G is very popular, although not a PC Replacement

A new survey indicates that the iPad is extremely popular at the moment. However, it seems that despite the impressive popularity that the new iPad enjoys, people don’t plan on using this tablet to replace their traditional computer.

The survey cited here was performed on customers being in line to purchase the new 3G iPad in New York. It looks that people were mostly interested in the least expensive model, the 16GB iPad, as they were not willing to buy the iPad with the purpose to replace a traditional computer. 

Only 14 percent of those questioned said that they will be purchasing the highly functional 64GB iPad, Apple Insider revealed. Most people opted for the other two versions: 16GB and 32GB.

However, this is not the first survey that indicates that customers purchasing the Apple iPad are not actually interested in giving up using their traditional computers. 

So, the iPad is seen at the moment as an additional device, that will not replace a personal computer, but which is extremely useful for web browsing, media content viewing or simply for entertainment. Some clients indicated that they use their iPad for reading, too.

Probably this is one of the main reasons why the iPad 3G is so popular. In fact, it looks like numerous users have started to enjoy accessing the features of the iPad for reading. Statistics show that the eBook app has been downloaded by numerous users so far. 

In fact, 1.5 million e-Books were downloaded by iPad users until now. And most likely these figures will continue to grow in the following period.

Even though Apple choose to keep the secret on the sale of its iPad with 3G, it definitely seems that the device enjoys an amazing popularity. 

Apple Insider found that most of the stores who had the model in sold out, suggesting that customers are really eager to purchase the new iPad. Some suggest that Apple actually sold more than 300,000 iPad 3G models only over the weekend. Even though the iPad will not replace a traditional PC, it surely looks like customers found this unique device to be very useful.   
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