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Apple Issues Second iOS 4.2 Gold Master for iPad

Apple has finally released the second gold master of iOS 4.2. This is the fourth software update that the famous manufacturer made. It seems that this new update may also solve the Wi-Fi issue that the iPad is currently believed to have. Most likely, this is the version that will become the final release. What changes Apple introduced in this second iOS 4.2 gold master update is still unknown.

However, most analysts claim that probably Apple has decided to address the much debated Wi-Fi issue that users experienced in the pre-release build. It has been claimed that the iPad meet certain problems linked to Wi-Fi connectivity, which determined the company to change the future software update to solve this issue, too. Consequently, it was said that Apple wanted to release the iOS 4.2 much sooner, but the release date had to be postponed due to certain problems that the manufacturer found in the software.

So, various dates for this release have been announced by different sources, but they have all been incorrect. No matter if Apple decided to delay the release date or the company choose to issue its software update much later than expected in the first place, certain changes are going to be featured in the new update, although have not been revealed yet.

Many analysts still believe that the late release of the software is after all linked with certain problems that Apple may face. Reports say that the Wi-Fi problem is just one of the issues that Apple is trying to address now. It seems that the company has also cut certain features from AirPrint, which seem to have been problematic.

Apple avoided to report what changes have been made with the second iOS 4.2 golden master for the iPad. And despite the fact that it has been claimed that Apple delayed the process of releasing iOS 4.2, the company is still on track for the launch they promise to take place this month. If the problems that the second update promised to solve have been fixed or not is without a doubt something we will definitely find out in the near future.
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