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7th-gen iPod nano to Feature New Apple Processor

The release of the 7th generation iPod nano has been speculated for quite some time now.

The new device was believed to come with a series of new features, but it seems that the new iPod nano will actually feature a new Apple processor.

A new report from iFixit indicates that the device will feature a SanDisk flash inside, but this may be all. So, the same report reveals that the newest model of iPod nano may after all come only with few improvements.

This report says that this new model actually features the same internal build as the previous iPod nano generation. In other words, most of its components are from last year.

Consequently, the updated Apple processor and the switch to the flash memory supplied by SanDisk actually are the only two aspects worth to be mentioned.

The previous generation iPod nano featured a Toshiba flash memory.

Now, the device features SanDisk flash inside. The new processor, Samsung, carries an ARM application.

This latest device also comes with an improved fitness experience, which comes to eliminate the need for a Nike+ sensor.

As Apple knows that many owners of their device have actually worn the iPod nano as a watch, the company provided now users with a series of new clock faces. Some of the funniest themes include Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog.

The 7th generation iPod nano features a multitouch display, with 240-by-240 pixels, which remain the same as in the previous model released by Apple.

So, if in terms of performance the new iPod nano does not come with impressive or revolutionary aspects, it seems that there is one thing at which the new device wins: its reduced price.

The iPod nano may be quite affordable now, as the 8GB model can be purchased at $129. The 16GB iPod nano costs $149.

The iPod nano remains one of the most popular devices released by Apple, thanks to its unique design, but also to its features and simple usage.

Even though the new model does not bring impressive features when it comes to performance, the iPod nano is a very useful gadget for numerous people.
7th-gen iPod nano to Feature New Apple Processor Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1/15/2011 03:14:00 PM Rating: 5

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