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Apple Launches New iMac For Education, Only

Apple has once again managed to surprise its audience with the release of a new and quite affordable iMac. 

The price of the new device is $999, which definitely makes it a good option when it comes to Apple devices. Apple announced that its 21.5-inch iMac was specially conceived to be used by educational institutions. 

In fact, this new iMac is available only for educational purposes, so the $150 discount can be obtained by students exclusively. 

Without the student discount, the same Apple model is available for the general public at the cost of $1,199.

MacRumors reveals that the new model will be listed on Apple’s Higher Educational online store, for any user or student to be able to purchase it, naturally for educational purposes. 

The iMac is quite a functional and advanced device, which features 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 Dual-Core, but also 2GB RAM, OS X Lion and 21.5-inch LCD. 

The device comes with 250GB Hard Drive and Super Drive, too. All these aspects make the iMac an extremely functional device for any user who is seeking to purchase such a model. 

Well, students who are not happy enough with the features that this device includes may opt for the iMac that comes at $1,149, the student price. 

This Core i5 iMac has 4GB of RAM, but also 500GB hard drive and about 512MB graphics card. Naturally, the cost is higher, but this iMac model comes with more features, too. 

The $999 iMac actually is not the first model that was intended to be placed on the market to be used by education institutions or by students. 

Apple seems to support educational programs, as the company constantly offers better deals for students who are looking to obtain certain discounts for education. 

Back in 2009, Apple chose to sell its 17-inch iMac for $899, even after the release of the new 20-inch and 24-inch models. Moreover, the white MacBook, No. MC516 remains available for education institutions only, at least for now. 

Apple offers student discounts and supports educational institutions by offering them the possibility to purchase their smart devices at a more affordable cost.
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