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Apple Releases iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV

Apple always keeps on improving its technology and its latest release is the iOS5. The iOS 5 is the next generation mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but also for Apple TV. iTunes 10.5 has also been released.

Actually, users who want to upgrade to iOS 5 will first have to run on their device the iTunes 10.5. Only after iTunes 10.5 has been installed, the iOS system can be updated to its latest version. In case you own an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 or fourth-generation iPod, you may update your mobile operating system.

The update is compatible with the first-generation iPad and the third-generation iPod touch, as well. Moreover, this time Apple brings an update for Apple TV, too.

Until now, the iOS 5 release has been seen with good eyes by both users and analysts. Apple decided to release the iOS 5 system about two days ahead of the launch of iPhone 4S, which will also feature this next generation operating system.

The golden master of iOS 5 was tested by developers last week. It seems that everything works perfectly and there are no issues with compatibility between the new update and the applications available for Apple devices.

iOS 5 comes with more than 200 new features. One of these features that is worth to be mentioned and which is quite interesting is the Notification Center. This feature comes to enhance usage, as it allows users to see and manage notification in one place, with no interruption.

The update also introduces iMessage, which is a new messaging service that allows owners to easily send text messages, but also videos and photos, connecting iOS devices with enhanced simplicity.

iOS 5 also introduces Newsstand which allows users to purchase newspapers and magazine subscriptions. It is quite interesting, as it puts all newspaper app subscriptions in just one folder that will offer users the possibility to access the publications they want, much simpler. Remainders, enhanced photo enhancements and new camera features can be accessed with iOS 5, as well.

After all, iOS 5 comes with certain new innovative features, which may be found quite useful by owners of Apple devices. The company claims that iOS 5 includes no less than 200 new features.
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