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Apple to Release Updated iMac alongside New MacBook Pros

Each time Apple prepares something new for its customers, a series of rumors occur regarding the company’s plans. The newest release that Apple is about to make is much awaited by its clients. Rumors indicate that Apple will introduce its MacBook Pros notebooks soon.

 But that may not be all. Some rumors also reveal that Apple will release an updated iMac all-in-one desktop, along with the MacBook Pros.

Rumors also indicate that the updated version of the iMac will feature a modified screen size, with the purpose to allow panel cutting to reach its optimization. Still, most reports are linked to what the new MacBook Pro will feature and what this update will bring its audience. This means that the iMac update has been left on a secondary plan. 

Actually, the last word from Apple on its plans regarding the iMac date back to December 2010, when the famous manufacturer last announced its intention to release a new iMac. What are the exact plans that Apple has is something that remains unknown.

It is still believed that Apple will reveal something new in the near future, as the last update that iMac received dates back to July 2010. The current smart device is available at the cost of $1,199 and rumors indicate that the update will also change the price point, probably making the device more affordable.

While many reports reveal that the new MacBook Pros will be released by the end of February, Apple’s plans have not been confirmed yet. If the new iMac will be revealed at the same time or not is something that we are yet to find out. However, if Apple will only release the MacBook Pro this time, it will not be a shock. The MacBook received its last update in April 2010, so it is normal for this device to be revealed first.

Some claim that Apple will not do both at the same time and the iMac will get its update later, after all. Such as it happened with every single release of the company, a lot of rumors are linked to the new MacBook Pros and the iMac. Still, what Apple has prepared remains a mystery.    
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