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iMac with TV Functionality: The Future of Apple television?

Apple’s plans and how the company sees the future of Apple television has been debated for quite some time now. Some analysts now claim that maybe Apple will develop an all-in-one iMac with built in TV functionality. Naturally, these are just opinions of analysts who seem to believe that this is the path on which Apple television will evolve.

One of the analysts who is certain that Apple will built a television set in the future is Brain Blair. Brain claims that it will most certainly take some time until Apple will release such a new device, period during which most likely the company will focus on adding television functionality to the iMac desktop. So, the analyst says that Apple will take a new step on the way to full-fledged television by adding a new functionality to the iMac.

Brian Blair went even further and claimed that he expects Apple to redesign its iMac and add this interesting functionality by the year 2012. Blair says that Apple could easily integrate the Apple TV software and the iCloud features in just one slim PC. Brian Blair seems to be certain that this is a normal evolution in the development of Apple’s technology. The analysts goes further and says that Apple could already start the development of such a new product.

This is not the first time when Brain Blair makes some predictions on the future development of Apple’s products. The analyst claimed that iPhone will be released in a new model this year, with a similar design compared to iPhone 4, and he was absolutely right.

Probably, these predictions have been made after rumors on a new product that Apple might prepare have surfaced. The rumors that Apple has something new for its customers have persisted since the release of Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs. In the book the author reveals that Apple is working at a brand new product that will provide the simplest user interface imagined.

Consequently, now a series of rumors indicate that Apple’s future plans regard a full television set which will most likely be out sometime in 2012. If predictions are right is something we will find out in a few months.  
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