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Apple in 2011: Mac hardware and Mac OS X

After all, 2011 has been a great year for Apple and its Mac. In 2011, the Mac OS X platform has turned 10 years old, but throughout this period of time, it has registered an amazing development. With every year Apple introduced something new for its customers and each year was a moment of a new technological improvement. 

Apple launched the 10.7 Lion, the Mac App Store and the iCloud, but also Sandy Bridge processors and flexible Thunderbolt connectivity, among many others.

However, the years did not only brought technological advancement, but they also put Apple on top when it comes to the computer manufacturing industry. In 2011, Apple set a new record when it comes to sales, which means that the popularity of this company is amazing. 

4.89 million Macs were sold during this year, which means an improvement with 700,000 units compared to last year. Apple revealed that they currently have an installed base of more than 58 million users.

Apple has managed to do more in 2011, compared to other companies in the PC market. While the overall growth on the PC market was about 4%, Apple experienced a growth of no less than 23 percent. 

This means that Apple did 6 times better than any other competitor. This surely sustains the supposition that Apple will become the largest PC vendor by the middle of 2012.

Apple made an important decision to show its intention to move from the conventional PC to mobile systems. In 2011, the company introduced the new Mac Pro and decided to replace the previous model. Apple also reported that Macs are as popular as possible at the moment. 

They account more than 74 percent of their computer sales. It seems that this success is due to the release of the new Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 processors, but also the launch of Thunderbolt and Bluetooth 4.0.

However, one of the most popular releases of Apple remains the Mac OS X Lion. Still, both the iMac and the MacBook pro are number one selling notebooks for Apple. Moreover, the company used Mac OS X to create the iOS, while technology developed in tandem for both platforms.  
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