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Apple News: iMac Graphics Update Revealed, Lodsys is under Attack 2376

Apple just issued an iMac graphic firmware update with the purpose to solve an issue that this smart device might meet. It seems that the new update aims to solve the startup and wake from sleep hanging issue that iMac users have experienced. However, this is just one of the latest news linked to Apple. It seems that the company has made several decisions that may influence its future.

For starters, Apple finally responded to the issue that may be experienced on the iMac in some cases. In rare cases the users of the iMac experienced a startup and wake from sleep hanging issue. The iMac Graphic FW Update 2.0 promises to fix this problem.

If one problem in now solved, Apple moved forward and the famous company made a crucial decision for its future. The company just hired a rising star in advertising. Carrie Frolich is the new head of agency relations for iAd. Carrie Frolich was the head of digital business at advertising agency MEC. 

Frolich has become quite well known for her early support for Twitter as an advertising platform. This is the woman who arranged deals with some of the biggest companies, including AT&T, CBS and even Citi and Chanel.

Another important news this week involving Apple is naturally linked to the Lodsys problem. Lodsys is a company which filled a suit against a number of iOS developers, claiming that their apps violated patents linked to in-app purchasing technology. Apple asked Lodsys to redraw these claims, saying that App Makers are protected by the Apple’s license of the patents.

ForeSee Results have already filled a proactive declaratory judgment against Lodsys, as they claimed that this company has threatened assertion against their customers. It seems that Lodsys send letters to customers such as Adidas and WE Energies.

What will the court decide and how will these cases evolve after all is something that could be solved quite soon, as the East Texas court is well known for being quite fast. However, if ForeSee will be successful in invaliding Lodsys’ patents, then the developers that this company sued will be free.  
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