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Apple's new Mac Pro and Mac mini with Thunderbolt to be out by August

A new rumor brings great news for fans of Apple devices. The latest rumor on Apple’s update plans indicates that the new Mac Pro and Mac mini desktops will be out in August. The updates that Apple plans on making to these two devices have been rumored for quite some time. Now, it looks that the update has been scheduled to be launched in less than one month.

The new rumor also reveals that the updates will come with Intel’s latest generation Sandy Bridge processor. The new high-speed Thunderbolt port may be featured by these Apple updates, as well. Some analysts seem to believe that Apple will officially make its newest releases sometime this summer, at the end of July or during the first week of August.

Such as it happened with every new release by Apple, the company decided to remain silent about its future plans. Naturally, each time this leads to a series of rumors that indicate what Apple wants to do next. This time, rumors reveal that the release date of the new updates will probably be the beginning of August, but no details on the specs of these two new devices are provided at this point.

What is certain is that the Mac Pro received its last update in July 2010. Naturally, it is expected for Apple to make a move this summer, while the new specs are expected to be great. The latest update of the Mac Pro brought a 50 percent faster processor than the one of its predecessor. Consequently, fans of Apple devices are anxious to find out what great specs will this new device feature.

On the other hand, the Mini was released in June, coming with some new features, too. It added a HDMI port for an enhanced simplicity in connecting the device to high-definition television. The Mini impresses with its capabilities, having under consideration the small and thin design it features.

Rumors also reveal that the MacBook Air will soon receive an update. What is certain is that with every new update Apple brings something new for its customers, while every device that the company launched gets such an update, sooner or later.  
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