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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Introduces AirDrop New Feature

A new improvement has been presented by Apple. Its Mac OS X 10.7 Lion introduced the AirDrop, a brand new feature in the Finder which aims to make file sharing much simpler between nearby systems. 

However, the new feature may only be limited to modern Macs. This means that Apple limited the accessibility to the AirDrop to models that were released later than 2008.

In case you are eager to discover if your device will be compatible with the AirDrop, you should know that Apple listed the Mac models that can use the new feature. The supported models include 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pros released starting with late 2008, as well as 17 inch MacBook Pro models that were released starting with 2009. 

Owners of Apple devices who use an 11 or 13 inch MacBook Air will be able to access the new feature only in case their device was released from late 2010 till now. iMac Early 2009, Mac Mini Mid 2010 and Mac Pro Early 2009 might also be compatible with the new feature.

Unfortunately for users who own devices that were released earlier than 2008, such models will not support AirDrop, as they lack the needed WiFi hardware feature that will allow them to discover other machines.
Owners of modern Apple devices who consider using the new AirDrop feature should find out that it has nothing in common with the DropBox.

What the AirDrop will do is to allow users to discover other users and share files, with no need to configure a WiFi network. Apple tried to simplify the file sharing procedure with the new feature that the company released, which was previously considered by users to be quite complicated to understand.

In conclusion, Lion’s new AirDrop makes basic file sharing between users as simple as activating and exchanging files through Bluetooth. It is all extremely fast, as well as very simple, as easy as drag and drop. AirDrop works similar to WiFi Direct. 

It allows users to discover nearby systems that feature AirDrop and connect with them securely via WiFi. Probably in the future AirDrop will be available for iOS devices, too.  
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