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Netflix reveals that Apple TVs Streaming More of its Movies compared to iPads

Netflix recently made quite a shocking revelation. According to the company, the Apple TV’s support for Watch Instantly video streaming has managed to overpass iPad users in viewing hours. The news is quite surprising having under consideration the fact that Apple has sold more than 15 million iPads, while the Apple TV sold only in about 1 million units. Naturally, these are only the figures for Apple TV able to play Netflix, as the first generation released in 2007 cannot stream Netflix content.

So, only in 2010 the capability to play Netflix content debuted on Apple TV, which featured the new iOS. Probably this is one of the reasons why sales for iPad are much impressive, compared to the ones registered for this Apple TV generation. Still, despite that, analysis claim that the popularity of Apple TV when it comes to Netflix comes from the fact that users are able to connect HDTVs directly, so they can watch hours of content with no interruption.

The same thing is not valid when referring to iPad users, even though the use on iPad is also growing, according to Netflix. Moreover, the company claims that the iPhone app is quite popular, too. Netflix also revealed that the most popular devices using its service are the ones that feature large installed bases.

What will happen to Apple TV and which is the future of such a device? This is a question that Steve Jobs tried to answer last summer when the chief executive of Apple claimed that this is quite a difficult and problematic thing that the company is trying to solve. 

Jobs claimed that the opportunity for innovation on this sector of the market is pretty much squashed by cable companies who give all their clients a step top box for free or for a very small sum of money. Naturally, this means that nobody is willing to buy a set top box.

Jobs has always referred to Apple TV has a hobby and probably the answer the chief executive of Apple offered explains best the vision of the company regarding its Apple TV. Jobs also added that it is a “fundamental go to market problem” and not a problem with technology or vision. This is why Apple TV remains just a hobby device.  
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