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Apple To Release Siri-powered Television by 2013

Apple has been expected to bring an impressive improvement on the television market for years now. Various rumors indicated that Apple has been working for months at the new release, which will probably be out on the market by 2013. Rumors indicate now that Apple has actually waited for its final puzzle piece until the launch of its own TV.

New reports say that the recent lunch of Siri for the iPhone 4S has actually been this final step that Apple needed before the launch of its new device. So, it is rumored that Apple will release Siri-powered television by 2013. 

Since 2007 it has been said that Apple has in plans building its own television set, even though this may take years. Actually, the New York Times revealed that Jobs has been pushing Apple engineers for years to develop the new device.

Probably the whole process took so long, as Apple wanted to impress its customers with something new. Actually, rumors reveal that the internal goal that Apple had was to simplify the way users interact with a TV, and moreover, to even replace the confusing remote control. 

Rumors were increased by the fact that Steve Jobs’ authorized biography revealed that the company has found the secret to building an easy-to use television set. This is said to simplify usage in a spectacular way.

Naturally, the rumors were dismissed by some sources who claimed that Apple has in fact reached nothing when it comes to this new television set. Actually, even though the plan may exist, there is a lot of work that Apple still has left to do, as the company does not possess the same expertise level in building thin television sets, such as it has for the iPhone, iPod and MacBook.

Moreover, the advanced technology that Apple would have to use to launch its own TV would be quite expensive, which would make the new product uncompetitive when it comes to price. These predictions have never been confirmed by Apple, so it all remains just a rumor. What and when Apple will release something new on the television market is something that still remains unknown.
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