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Microsoft to Challenge Apple TV with Windows-based Set Top Box

While the future of Apple TV still remains in question, Microsoft seems to have taken on Apple with its Windows-based set top box. The software giant will introduce a stripped down version of Windows for set top boxes. The plan is to connect TVs to it, later this year.

The Seattle Times recently published a report which reveals that Microsoft plans on making a big entrance on this market. The company is working at a stripped down version of Windows tailored for set-top boxes and connect TVs. 

The software of the new device promises to bring a wide diversity of great features. The device will however cost more than the Apple TV, which can be purchased at the sum of only $99. The Windows-based set is believed to be placed for purchase at around $200.

However, this is not the first time when rumors emerge on the potential project that Microsoft might have in development. For a while it has been rumored that Microsoft was planning on releasing an Xbox-based streaming TV service, which hoped to become a virtual cable operator. Initially, it was said that it will take about 12 months until Microsoft will be able to launch such a product.

There is no wonder after all that such rumors occur, as there are only a few days left until the Customers Electronic Show that will take place in Las Vegas. It is said that during this technology event, a series of TV makers are going to present their latest highly advanced products.

Despite these rumors, it seems that many manufacturers have decided to delay the release of their latest products, claiming that Google was the one asking them to hold the release, naturally in the case of new products running the Google TV software at CES. The reason why Google may be willing to delay this release actually is linked to its intention to revise the platform.

Unfortunately for Google and Microsoft, at least until now, they failed to emerge as key players on the television market. Apple might be leading from this point of view, but maybe Microsoft and Google prepare something spectacular to conquer the market.
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