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Apple’s iPhone 4S, Mac mini & MacBook Air to Become Bluetooth Smart Ready

A series of the latest products released by Apple are new becoming Bluetooth Smart Ready. This is a new concept that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group seems to have introduced. The company released it for Bluetooth 4.0 devices, being compatible with many Apple products, including the iPhone 4S, Mac mini and MacBook Air. Actually, compatible devices include phones, tablets, PCs and TVs.

The new release was announced by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in a press release, the company claiming that they have decided to brand the Bluetooth 4.0 as Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart. The purpose is to create awareness around compatibility for new devices. The company explained that in order for users to better recognize these devices, they created two brand new logos.

The Bluetooth Smart Ready trademark can be associated to a device such as iPhone 4S. This is a device that can interact with a Bluetooth Smart. To help users find out the category of Bluetooth on each product, they are all going to feature the new logo.

Bluetooth Smart Ready is a new brand concept that comes to revolutionize the way users access their devices, at least when it comes to the way they collect, share and use information. Bluetooth Smart Ready devices are able to connect to traditional Bluetooth devices, but also to new Bluetooth Smart devices that are hitting the market.

Since its first introduction on the market in 1998, Bluetooth has become one of the most influential short range wireless technologies in the world. Naturally, throughout the years Bluetooth has suffered numerous changes and technological improvements. Now, the company decided to rebrand the Bluetooth 4.0, its latest development, to bring once again the attention of its customers.

iPhone 4S has been the first smartphone which featured Bluetooth 4.0. Some claim that the popularity of this device has determined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group rebrand their product with the purpose to determine more producers to implement it. Bluetooth 4.0 is a great addition, as it brings an efficient energy consumption, as well as an enhanced efficiency. The company claims that changing logs aims to encourage manufacturers build the best Bluetooth devices.
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