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Apple to Look into 'no-look' Gestures for iPod Nano

It seems that Apple may be focusing its attention on the no-look gestures technology for the iPod nano. A new report indicates that the company is preparing a big change on the iPod market, which will actually reinvent this device.

The Chief Executive of Apple, Steve Jobs, was really confident in the fact that users will love this new Apple product, when the company first announced the fact that it will feature a multi-touch design. Jobs claimed that this may be the biggest reinvention of the iPod nano since the debut of this device back in 2005. 

Jobs also said to be sure that users are going to love it, when he announced the new update to iPod nano, in a recent press release. The iPod nano may become an amazingly functional, yet small design, in which the click wheel will be replaced with a Multi-Touch interface.

The sixth generation iPod nano was generally well received by the public, but the new product draw some criticism, too, some claiming that this device does not provide that simple use through the fact that it supposes users to look at the display to control playback. 

It seems that Apple decided to positively respond to these critics and the company is believed to be working to solve the issue. This is why it is said that Apple is planning no-look touch gestures to the iPod nano and other multi-touch devices.

This is a new application that will allow users to control their iPod nano easier. The app describes some multi-touch gestures which could be used to control the device, with absolutely no need to look at the screen. The app actually is not as new as you may think. 

It was in fact initially released in 2009, while its inventors are Duncan Kerr and Nick King. There are some specific gestures to the app that can help users control the device without a screen.

This technology is believed to be able to address all the concerns linked to the multi-touch redesign of the sixth generation iPod nano. Many seemed to be quite skeptical about the addition of the multi touch technology to this device, concern that may be solved by the no-look gestures addition.  
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