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Rumors Reveal that Apple may Discontinue iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic this Year

The future of iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic remains uncertain for now, as rumors reveal that Apple may discontinue the two products by the end of the year. Even though there is nothing certain on this aspect yet, it surely is said Apple has already took the decision and the two media players will no longer be available in sale.

The iPad classic has been a popular Apple product for no less than 10 years, but it seems that the company will now move to its multi-touch lineup, which enjoys a higher popularity today. Rumors reveal that the iPod shuffle will also be discontinued by the company, as its lack of a screen is without a doubt an issue. In fact, it has been claimed that this was an issue for the product ever since its release.

Currently, it is speculated that Apple will make the public announcement on the future of its iPad at the upcoming event the company will host next week. The iPhone event might be the moment when Apple will confirm that they have decided to pull out the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle from the market. If the new rumors are based on real inside information or not, naturally remains uncertain.

However, what is certain is that this is not the first time when rumors occur on the potential intention that Apple might have to discontinue the two iPod models. Last week, other rumors revealed the same, also indicating that the iPod touch will probably come with some improved features, enhancing usability. Moreover, a new Apple model is said to be out soon, as the company will release a white iPod touch, with some new changes.

Even last year there were some speculations that Apple will discontinue the iPod classic. However, at the iPod event that took place back then, Apple choose to mention nothing about these two media players, so they remained unchanged. Apple decided to keep the iPod shuffle, too, even though it was claimed that the iPod nano will push this device out from the market.

Apple’s event that will take place next week makes no revelations on the intention to officially announce something regarding the iPod and only makes the iPhone the star of the show.  
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