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Apple Misses Deadline for New iTunes Match Service Launch

While Apple is always willing to deliver to its customers the highest quality, even though this may mean releasing its products later than scheduled, the company has missed one of its self-imposed deadlines. It seems that Apple failed to launch its new iTunes Match service at the date the company officially announced.

Even though Apple advertised to launch the iTunes Match in the US by the end of October, the company failed to achieve this purpose. Apple’s iTunes Match has not been released by the deadline that Apple advertised. So, even though the month of October has ended, this new service is still listed as Coming Soon.

Reports indicated that developers have been beta testing iTunes Match since late August, but it seems that despite that, the service was not yet ready for the announced launch date. The best way to explain the fact that Apple missed its release deadline is that the service is still experiencing some problems. 

It has been reported that people who tested the service experienced issues such as stalling while willing to scan a user’s music library or not being able to correctly match local files available on iTunes Store. Naturally, these are just some issues which have surfaced, while rumors claim that Apple is still working to solve them.

No matter if the missing of the launch deadline is a reality that resulted from the inability of Apple to solve the aforementioned issues or it occurred due to other issues of the new service, the fact is that iTunes Match new service is not available yet and there is no word on when the release will be made. Apple made no comments on the lack of availability of iTunes Match, so nothing is certain at this point.

When Apple announced the release of the new iTunes Match service, the company claimed that it will allow subscribers to re-download any of their matched songs on other devices, such as iPhones or iPads. The service is part of the iCloud and promised to automatically upload any songs that are not available in the library of the iTunes Store, among other enhanced features.  
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