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Steve Jobs Plans: Apple to Reinvent TVs, Textbooks & Photography

After the death of Steve Jobs, a series of plans that the company might have were exposed to the public. Actually, numerous rumors emerged following the release of Steve Jobs’ biography. According to Walter Isaacson, the man who interviewed the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs wanted Apple to reinvent TVs, but also textbooks and photography.

The biographer of Steve Jobs says that the co-founder of the most appreciated computer manufacturer in the world was dreaming about changing the way Apple TV is seen now. It seems that Jobs’ biggest problem was the complicated remote control, which Apple should have completely transform. 

According to the interview that Walter Isaacson gave the New York Times, Jobs claimed that there is no reason for the Apple TV to be so difficult to use.

Jobs wanted to revolutionize the Apple TV, but it seems that this is not the only product on which he focused his attention. Jobs also wanted to change the way textbooks and photography are used now. The convenience and quality of the picture taking on Apple devices is something that has been in continuous improvement since the release of the first iPhone. However, it looks that Steve Jobs wanted more on this field, as well.

Naturally, Jobs avoided to reveal too much detail on the plans that Apple might have for the near future when it comes to photography and textbooks. In Steve Jobs’ biography that was published last month, readers could find that Jobs was almost certain that after years of development, he had finally cracked the secret to simple HDTV. Jobs only claimed that the vision he had was of a television set with the simplest user interface ever imagined.

After the release of the book, it has been rumored that Apple is actually working on the launch of a full-fledged television set, even though it may take months until this release will be made. Some rumors went even further to indicate that the launch will be made in 2013, when Apple will release a TV with Siri voice recognition functionality. Rumors did not stop here, but the plans that Apple actually has for its TV remain a mystery for now.  
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