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Apple's holiday lineup: iPod classic and iPod shuffle live on

Apple’s fans who are willing to purchase an iPod classic or an iPod shuffle will definitely be happy to find out that the two products will remain available for sale, despite many rumors indicating the contrary. For quite some time now, it has been rumored that the two Apple products will be discontinued. Well, it surely looks like the two media players will actually stay on the market.

The iPod classic and the iPod shuffle received no new update at Apple’s latest event, during which the two devices were not even mentioned. Naturally, this lead to numerous rumors on the future of the two media players. To dismiss all these rumors Apple revealed that they will still remain available in sale, at least through the holidays.

What Apple revealed in its press release is that the two media players will remain in sale, at least for the holiday time. The press release indicated that the iPod is the most popular family and music player, so the company will not remove it from Apple’s holiday lineup. 

Moreover, the prices for these two devices remain unchanged for now. On the other hand, Apple decided to make some changes when it comes to the price of the iPod nano and the iPod touch, which seem to have received some updates and which come with a slightly change in price, which may be lower now.

Last week rumors broke on Apple’s intention to discontinue the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle due to their lack of popularity as customers seem to orientate towards multi-purpose devices such as the iPhone. Still, Apple seems to be determined to convince its audience that the iPod remains extremely strong on the market, managing to draw numerous clients.

However, the company only specified that these two devices will live on in Apple’s holiday lineup. This made other rumors occur on the company’s potential intention to draw them off the market after the holiday season. What Apple plans on doing after all is something that seems to be impossible to predict, at least for now. Still, numerous analysts seem to consider that Apple will continue with its line of iPod classic and iPod shuffle.  
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