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iPod touch Review

The fifth generation iPod touch is an impressive device. This device comes at a higher entry price compared to previous models, but it features much better usability. The new iPod can easily be described as a telephone-free version of the newest iPhone, as well as a less expensive and thinner device. Now, the iPod comes to add certain features that will be included in iPhone 5.

The new iPod managed to impress and surprise users, at the same time. The device is faster and more functional than its predecessor. It comes with an A5 chip, an improved 1080p front and 5 MP rear camera, as well as support for Siri and AirPlay Mirroring, the new Bluetooth 4 and dual-band WiFi. 

The iPod can now be found in an interesting variety of colors, which makes it quite an interesting purchase for all users interested in personalizing the device they are using.

The bright selection of colors on which the new iPod touch comes differentiate it from any other model available on the market. Compared to previous iPod models, this new device can easily shock, as the color selection until now has only included devices in black and chrome, as well as a mix between the two. 

Apple has also decided to release a white-faced model about one year ago. The new bright colors seem to have been a great choice for Apple, as the iPod is quite well received by the audience.

Apple has also took an interesting decision when it comes to the devices the company has in sale. For the first time, Apple is now promoting for sale no less than 2 parallel generations of the iPod touch. According to the company, the purpose is to provide clients more than one choice when it comes to the model to purchase. 

So, Apple still has in sale the iPod touch released last year, the fourth generation model, which can be bought in both black and white.

Still, the newest generation iPod is thinner and faster and is available in black, silver, pink, gold, blue and red. Besides having in sale the two iPod touch models, Apple also repositioned the iPod nano as a type of mini device.
iPod touch Review Reviewed by Richard Padilla on 1/03/2012 05:57:00 PM Rating: 5

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