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Review: the New iPod nano

The newest generation iPod nano, the seventh one, has been released. The new model almost completely changes the iPod nano, looking more like a mini iPod touch, without the camera and the WiFi or the apps that can be accessed in that device. The model evolved a lot throughout the years, from a square audio-only device to highly enhanced features.

The first iPod nano was released back in 2005. Apple has made this project quite an interesting release, the company struggling to deliver something new and unique, but to differentiate the device from the other models on the market.

The first iPod nano released by Apple impressed with its extremely thin design. The second model revealed by the company on this line came with an aluminum case and impressed with the great diversity of colors. The third iPod nano came with a nearly square shape, a design close to the one of the classic iPod.

 Unfortunately for Apple, its third generation iPod nano was not received as well as the company hoped. So, with the fourth generation, Apple returned to the design of the second generation iPod nano, naturally with some improvements.

The device features a taller display and numerous new features. The fifth generation introduced an even taller display, compared to its predecessor, while the iPod nano 6 came with a screen instead of a clock wheel.

 iPod nano 7 comes with the largest and widest screen, compared to all the previous models released by Apple. The device is based on a touchscreen technology and looks as tiny as the iPhone. A Lightning connector, Bluetooth 4.0, as well as hands free car integration systems, make this new product quite an interesting addition to your gadgets.

The iPod nano 7 features a Home button, but also On/Off/Wake up buttons on the top. Still, this model features no camera, no mic and no speaker, while the icons on the device have a round form. Overall, the new device is considered to bring great value and it will definitely be very popular throughout this holiday season.

The thin and compact design, but also the easy use makes iPod nano a great choice. What customers seem to do not like about this device is the fact that it features no camera, mic and speaker.
Review: the New iPod nano Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1/11/2012 08:06:00 AM Rating: 5

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