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Apple Highlights Invention Behind iPhone 5

Apple decided to respond to all the allegations that the company is not bringing anything remarkable on the market. Apple has been the developer of numerous great devices and now the company decided to reveal some of the inventions and engineering tasks that stay behind the development of iPhone 5.
Apple claims on its website that the company could have designed “something more reasonable and less remarkable. But we didn’t.” This is the reaction that came from Apple after a series of critics and competitors have claimed that the company only assembles the inventions of others. 

As expected, Apple had to react to these accusations and the company claimed that if technology would not exist, Apple would have invented it. Moreover, the Apple site says that if “a component wasn’t small enough, we re-imagined it. If convention was standing in the way, we left it behind. The result is iPhone 5: the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever.”

Apple went further to add that nowadays really any company can design a smartphone. However, some feel oversized and awkward and are hard to use. The iPhone 5 is just right. The new 4 inch display that the device features is designed the right way and it makes usage simpler. Apple also revealed that in order to achieve the thin size of the newest generation iPhone, engineers within the company had to think small. 
Apple also noted that its latest generation smartphone comes with LTE data traffic and CDMA voice on the same chip, which is a different approach compared to the competitors that the company has on the market. The iPhone has distinctive lines, which make this phone brilliant. Moreover, the iPhone features a camera outfitted with sapphire crystal surface, which are very unlikely to scratch. 
And these are just some of the features and components that Apple explains and details on its website to show how unique their product is. The company decided to talk about the inventions that the iPhone 5 is based on to respond to both critics and competitors who have mocked the company because it supposedly patented the rectangle and rounded corners.
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