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iOS 6 Gives iPhone 3GS Another Year of Life Support

Even though Apple is not selling any longer the iPhone 3GS, the new iOS 6 may add another year of life support to this product. iOS 6 can be downloaded on iPhone 3GS, which will naturally bring new features on this device, even though they will be limited.

The iPhone 3GS was first released by Apple back in June 2009, being now a discontinued product from the list of smart devices produced by this manufacturer. However, the new Apple software update is supported by iPhone 3GS.

This means that the device is now the longest supported smartphone that can run new OS. Naturally, people who still own an iPhone 3GS are pleased with the fact that their device can still receive the newest update. Moreover, the new features are meant to enhance usability, as they do not slow down the phone and allow users of iPhone 3GS to access most of the new software updates.

However, there are also some new features that will be missing from the iPhone 3GS that has been upgraded to iOS6. These features include new 3D Maps and Flyover, Panorama camera capture, but also Turn by Turn Navigation. Safari’s Offline Reading List is unsupported on iPhone 3GS, too.

Of course, features that have never been compatible with iPhone 3GS will not work on this device now. This means that Siri or FaceTime will not be accessible for users to access on their device, as they are features that this iPhone model never received. It is quite a pleasant surprise that the iPhone 3GS is capable of supporting some of the new features of iOS 6.

And this happens without slowing down the device or making it more difficult to use. iPhone 3GS remains the longest run of any iOS device launched until now. With each year, Apple has tried to bring some new improvements to its devices and each time this manufacturer managed to impress in a positive way its customers and its fans.

Once again Apple presented its users a new software update, iOS 6, which surprisingly can be used on older devices, including iPhone 3GS.
iOS 6 Gives iPhone 3GS Another Year of Life Support Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 3/05/2012 10:01:00 AM Rating: 5

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