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iPhone 5 Launch to Mark the end of iPhone 3GS

 iPhone 5 is not only the most expected release of the year. This new device is believed to be so great that its launch may actually bring some changes in Apple’s plans. A new report reveals that the arrival of this latest model will actually mark the end of the iPhone 3GS. 
The report published for the first time by the Telegraph revealed that iPhone 3GS will no longer be offered by Apple, following the release of iPhone 5. The same report reveals that the popular manufacturer will not wait for long until making this decision. In fact, it is said that the announcement will be made at the next media event. If rumors are true and Apple will retire the iPhone 3GS this will end 3 years in which the device has been available on the market. 
The source who talked to the Telegraph revealed that Apple actually plans on releasing an 8GB iPhone 4S, too, which comes to replace the iPhone 4. Even though Apple plans on putting an end to the sales of iPhone 3GS, clients who recently purchased this device should not worry, as Apple will soon release its iOS 6, the latest software update that will probably be compatible on their devices, too. This means that the upcoming iOS 6 will be available for iPhone 3GS, although the features that users will be able to access will in fact be limited, as certain updates will not be functional on their device. 
Naturally, this is just the latest rumor on the release of iPhone 5 and the newest changes that the company plans on making along with the launch of its latest generation smartphone. While some predict that iPhone 3GS will end its era, others say that Apple will not discontinue the device at this point. There are some rumors which indicate that Apple is actually planning on expanding sales by offering the smartphones released in 2009 under the sum of $300, to make them available for more users. Now, the iPhone 3GS is available at $375. However, what is exactly what Apple plans on doing is yet for us to discover.
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