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Apple working with Enterprise Partners to Enhance Bonjour and Apple TV

It seems that Apple decided to respond to the request to make Apple TV and Bonjour work better. This reaction comes from the famous manufacturer after Apple has been petitioned to make Bonjour, AirPlay and AirPrint work well on large campus networks. The petition was promoted by members of education organizations, who announced Apple of this problem back in August. 
The petition was signed by no less than 750 people and it seems that the number of signatures were enough to draw Apple’s attention. Apple announced to be working with hardware partners with the purpose to extend Bonjour zero config networking and provide better scale for large networks. 

Moreover, the company will most likely focus on enhancing the enterprise credentials of Apple TV, too. 
Bonjour, which was initially known as Multicast DNS technology could enable devices on a network to advertise shared files that others would be able to access instantly. In the lack of Bonjour, users would need to know the IP address of the device. This makes Bonjour extremely useful for shared devices or shared services. 
The person who created Bonjour, Stuart Cheshire, claimed that this technology was initially developed by Apple for home networks. However, in the past ten years the popularity of the Multicast DNS has grown a lot. Currently, every network printer uses Bonjour. Even the iPad and the iPhone are among the devices that use it. 
Well, now Apple plans on extending Bonjour protocol for better support for large networks. However, the company has also been asked to enhance its Apple TV. In fact, the petition was quite clear on what Apple has to do. It asks the company to support WPA2-Enterprise WiFi authentication on Apple TV. Adding Enterprise-level support in this device is another requirement, which will benefit both higher education institutions and Apple, the petitioners claim. The group offered to help Apple improve support for these devices in the needed environments. 
Apple already showed its support last month when the company added assistance for configuring advanced network options on Apple TV, support added to the Configuration app for iOS devices that are used in schools and businesses.
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