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Five Years of iPhone

The iPhone was unveiled by Apple about 5 years ago. Throughout time, this device has suffered many updates and improvements. There surely are a lot of interesting technological advancements between the first iPhone released on the market and the last generation model. Apple has delivered five generation of new hardware and iOS software until today. Naturally, the company now has a lot of competitors, who want to take the first place in clients’ preferences when it comes to smart devices. 

Well, at the introduction of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs said that “we’re going to make some history together today,” and this is exactly what the company did. Jobs claimed that technology develops by the day and each day a revolutionary product is released on the market. He said that Apple is very fortunate to have been able to introduce some important improvements, too. Apple changed the whole industry with the release of the Macintosh and then the release of the first iPod. 
2007 was the year when Apple introduced three revolutionary products: the widescreen iPod, the Phone and the Safari, all featured in just one device: the iPhone. Steve Jobs claimed that “today Apple is going to reinvent the phone,” and his company achieved something absolutely impressive. 

The iPhone came with a technology and advanced software that has never been seen before in a mobile device. Its simple usability and beautiful design made the iPhone an amazingly impressive release. 
A lot of features that were included in a mobile phone until now were dropped by Apple, who wanted to make the iPhone unique and to differentiate it from everything else on the market. The first iPhone features no 3G, but it was capable of connecting to WiFi. It lacked GPS and an SD Card slot, too. 

Five years after the release of the world’s first smartphone, there are a series of companies which produce such devices. Still, Apple managed to remain on top and the company is now one of the most popular manufacturers in the world. The five years of iPhone have meant standout features in terms of interface, usability and hardware design.
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