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iPhone 5 and iPad mini among 8 new Apple products coming before the end of 2012

It seems that Apple is quite determined to end this year with some new impressive releases. Rumors indicate that the famous manufacturer has in plans releasing no less than 8 new products, which will be out by the end of the year. These rumors place the new iPhone, a new iPad, iPod and a new Mac on the list of these releases. 
These latest rumors were actually launched by Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims that besides the already rumored iPhone 5, Apple may also release a new iPad, which is believed to be called iPad mini, being a smaller version of the device that Apple has accustomed its clients with. Kuo also says that the month of September will probably be the moment when Apple will also release a new iMac, which is believed to be a 21.5 inch device. The 13-inch MacBook Pro may be out soon, too, Kuo seems to believe. 
Some rumors indicate that Apple will actually make the release of the iPad mini another event, which is said to take place in October. However, regardless of the order in which Apple will make all these releases, the analyst says that the famous manufacturer has in plans the development of no less than 8 new devices. It surely seems that it is going to be a very busy fall for Apple. 
Kuo reveals that all these new products will be featured in Apple’s holiday lineup. Still, he added that some of these devices were supposed to be released earlier, but the company experienced some issues that made them postpone the release moment. Kuo indicated that the main such issue has actually been the assembly of the device when it comes to the new iPhone. 
On the other hand, the issue with the new iPad seems to have been making the device look identical to the larger model that already is on the market. Kuo made a lot of predictions on what each of these new devices will feature. If he is right this time or not, we can only find out in a few months. However, if Apple really plans on releasing updates in 8 new devices, the company will definitely impress.
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