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First Look inside Apple's iPhone 5 A6 chip to Show 3 GPUs, 2 CPUs

The most expected release of the year is here. iPhone 5 is described as an absolutely impressive device that features new great improvements, compared to its predecessor. One of the most appreciated facts about the new iPhone is its custom A6 system, which has proven to be a unique processor design. 
It seems that the new processor featured in Apple’s iPhone 5 actually is a 3 graphics processor cores and dual custom CPU cores. The chip inside iPhone 5 seems to use dual general purpose ARM cores. This is quite curious, having under consideration the fact that Apple did not use the Cortex-A8 or the Cortex A-15 designs. What Apple did was to develop a unique custom variant, which has been optimized by the company for its own users. 
It is a well known fact that Apple acquired the right to develop custom versions of ARM’s CPU, which is exactly what the company did. Apple seems to have also signed an agreement with Imagination Technologies, dating back to 2007, when the manufacturer received access to the next generation graphics and video IP cores. 
The A-series chips used by Apple include processor cores based on IP from ARM and Imagination. All the A-series chips that the company has used so far have been actually manufactured by no one else than Samsung. Samsung currently is the most sophisticated chip fabricators in the world, producing everything that Apple needs for its iPods, iPads, Apple TVs and naturally for the iPhone. 
However, this summer Apple filled a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that the company’s chip making unit had in fact developed a technology that could copy Apple’s hardware design, all with the purpose to duplicate the iPhone as closely as possible. 

Since then, Samsung has tried to show that the chip manufacturing unit is protected by strict internal firewall, but rumors indicate that Apple may be ready to give up this partnership and abandon the deal with Samsung. Will Apple divorce Samsung? Well, while some claim that this will not happen soon, others seem to be certain that Apple is ready to end this partnership.
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