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iPhone 5 Costs only 41 Cents per Year to Charge, 3 Cents more than iPhone 4

One of the most expected releases of this year, the iPhone 5 did not disappoint. The device comes with amazing features, one of the most appreciated facts about iPhone 5 being its long battery life. But that is not all.
iPhone 5 comes with a faster processor, as well as with LTE wireless capabilities. The device features a larger screen compared to all its predecessors, which actually is a new change that Apple introduced with the release of this smartphone. The device comes with a brand new and really different design. Apple went even further, as this newest release costs only three cents more to charge per year, compared to iPhone 4.
Apple Insider presented a study which indicates that iPhone 5, despite its great features, will not cost much more than its predecessor, when it comes to charge. Actually, the difference is minimal, only 3 cents per year. It surely seems that after all, iPhone 5 performs better in all aspects, compared to its predecessor. The same study indicates that the cost to charge the new iPhone per year, is less than one third of the price for the iPad. It is estimated that iPhone 5 will cost about 41 cents per year, for charge. 
It is quite interesting to know that the electricity that will be consumed by the iPhone 5 models which will be sold in one year is believed to actually be enough to power the homes in Cedar Rapids, IA, for one year. It is estimated that Apple will sell no less than 170 million of its newest smartphones in the following 12 months. 
While the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 when it comes to consumption it not that big, you should know that cost and energy consumption will grow with devices such as the iPad or the iMac. iPhone 5 tends to cost less in terms of energy charge compared to Samsung Galaxy S III. The iPad will add around 95 cents to charge costs. A laptop will consume 20 times more energy, while a plasma TV is the biggest energy consumer.
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