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Apple and Disney may work to bring WatchESPN app to Apple TV

New reports indicate that Apple may actually start collaboration with Disney, the purpose being to bring WatchESPN app to its Apple TV. This application is now found in devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.

Bloomberg reported that even though the two parties currently are in talks, the deal is not 100 percent certain.

Bloomberg talked to Sean Bratches, the executive of ESPN, who claimed that Apple and Disney have not reached a conclusion, at least not yet. However, if this deal will be signed after all, ESPN subscribers will be able to watch this streaming content on their Apple TV.

This already is accessible to owners of iPhone and iPad. However, this is not the first time when rumors occur on the potential intentions that Apple and Disney might have to work more together.

During the spring rumors occurred on the fact that the famous manufacturer might be working with ESPN with the purpose to bring live sports scores to Siri voice assistant application, which runs on iPhone 4S.

ABC Sports and ESPN were the first which brought sports programming in Apple’s iTunes, back in 2006, so we can definitely say that the two have a successful history of working together. Moreover, Disney is well known to work closely with Apple.

In fact, Disney CEO Bob Iger became a member of Apple’s board of directors back in November. Apple TV already is a great device and it seems that its manufacturer is determined to offer even more to its customers.

Apple TV comes with many streaming content options. The device features NBA League Pass, but also NHL Gamecenter and Maybe in the near future, the device will also be compatible with WatchESPN, to offer users even a better experience.

Since the release of the latest generation Apple TV, the popularity of this device has grown a lot. Even though Apple has always characterized its Apple TV has a hobby device, it seems that gradually it becomes more than that.

What the famous manufacturer plans on doing next to enhance the usability of its Apple TV will be revealed soon.
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