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Former Apple Engineer claims Steve Jobs rejected new Apple TV UI 5 years ago

Following the release of the newest generation Apple TV, some rumors were launched on the plans that Apple actually had for this device.

A former Apple engineer claimed that Steve Jobs actually was the one who rejected the new Apple TV UI, no less than 5 years ago.

This week, an ex senior software engineer for Apple, Michael Margolis claimed via Twitter that the new Apple UI was rejected by Steve Jobs about 5 years ago, even though the new model was released now. The 1080p model Apple TV features an iOS like interface looking as a grid of icons.

 new Apple TV UI
This means that services such as Netflix and YouTube appear as icons, not in menus, which was actually considered an ugly design and not a step forward for the company.

Now, it is revealed that Steve Jobs was against this design, which he never approved. Margolis went on to explain that there is no one at Apple to say no to bad design and this is the reason why Apple now released something that Steve Jobs rejected many years ago.

He went on to express his hope that this new user interface is not a sign of what will come from now on from Apple. Margolis went further to ask who is in charge at Apple with user interface and claimed that the new user interface of Apple TV “makes him cry.”

 Apple actually described the new user interface featured in Apple TV as simpler to use, being a more functional design that provides users easier access to a series of new features.

Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of Apple for Worldwide Marketing actually claimed that this new design makes Apple TV easier to use than it has ever been. Well, while Apple seems to be happy with the new design, it looks like this is a user interface that Steve Jobs would have never agreed with.

While some seem to find this new look great, others are not pleased at all with the change that Apple brought in its newest generation Apple TV, so opinions on this aspect are shared.
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