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New 1080p Apple TV Features Cooler Single-core A5 CPU

The new Apple TV brought numerous new features which seem to be absolutely great. Compared to the previous generation device, the new 1080p Apple TV provides more usability, featuring a single- core A5 processor, which suggests that the device is running even cooler than its predecessor.

The high-definition 1080p video is without a doubt one of the most appreciated features of the new Apple TV. iFixit has already made the first teardown of the new Apple TV, while the results they obtained have been published now.

Both the design and the components of the new device look great, the new Apple TV featuring a custom single-core processor, but also the same power supply.

The new Apple TV
The device runs cooler, putting off less heat than its predecessor. Still, this happens while the new Apple TV comes with 1080p high-definition video content, which is great for enhanced user experience.

The A5 chip has already been used by Apple in its iPad 2, but also in iPhone 4S. While some design features have remained identical to the previous generation Apple TV, naturally there are some changes, too. An earlier teardown of the device revealed that the new Apple TV features the same GB of storage as its predecessor, but the RAM has been doubled.

There are two antennae inside the new device, which are probably meant to provide better signal strength. The case is quite simple to use, due to its thin design. Moreover, this teardown of the new Apple TV indicated that the device is easy to open, which enhances repairability.

There are just few components inside the case. It is much simpler to open than the iPad 3, for instance. Apple likes performance and technology and this new Apple TV has definitely not disappointed fans.

Not only that the device comes with more features, but it also provides more system RAM, runs cooler and features high-definition 1080p.

A new A4 processor and no thermal pad are other two features of the new device. Of course, the newest generation Apple TV is expected to be a great success, but it is about to see how much appreciation the new device will receive after all.
New 1080p Apple TV Features Cooler Single-core A5 CPU Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 10/27/2012 01:37:00 PM Rating: 5

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