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Next Generation MacBook Pro Makes the Switch from AMD to NVIDIA

Apple has already revealed its next generation MacBook Pro, which promises to be an amazing device. The sixth generation MacBook Pro might actually make the switch between the AMD Radeon video cards to the new NVIDIA.

Apple expressed its intention to move away from AMD when the famous manufacturer also revealed its plan to release the next-generation MacBook Pro.

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 It seems that Apple is determined to completely upgrade its MacBook Pro 15-inch, while the entire laptop lineup of the company has seen certain updates during this period.

Rumors on Apple’s intentions to move to NVIDIA first occurred during the spring and it seems that they turned out being true after all. The newest GeForce GT 650M GPU is the only available card now. This new GPU is based on next-generation Kepler architecture.

 The latest NVIDIA is extremely efficient and can power the Retina Display without having to force users to plug in when in discrete graphics mode, it is claimed. However, this is not the first time when Apple turns to the use of integrated Intel designs and NVIDIA’s chipset.

The famous manufacturer also made such as decision back in 2008, but it chose to return to Radeon in 2011. Now, Apple made once again a change.

The new announcement that Apple made is not only revealing that the company has decided to return to NVIDIA, but also that Apple is working to make some changes in its laptops lineup. The GeForce GT 650M is the only card that will be used in the MacBook Pro models, at least when they feature discrete graphics.

The company will stick to the Intel HD integrated chipset family for all the MacBooks from Air to Pro, which has actually become a default graphics baseline for these models.

 Exactly what is Apple planning for the near future when it comes to its laptop lineup still remains uncertain, at least for now.

However, it seems that the company has in plans updating most of the products it currently has in sale. Maybe one of these updates that Apple will bring soon is going to be an impressive release.
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