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Mac Business Sales Grow to 51% as Apple Continues to Invade the Enterprise

Mac’s popularity seems to be in continuous growth, so Apple might even become the leader of the market, at least on this segment. By the end of 2011, the business sales for Mac grew with no less than 50.9 percent.

At the moment, Apple represents 2.9 percent of the total business PC sales worldwide, which is more than double its share for the first quarter of 2010. To enhance its success, Apple has continued to add a series of new features to its devices.

For instance, the company has constantly updated its OS X system, to integrate more features to it. An important addition that Apple brought was third-party visualization software from Parallels and VMWare, which can be extremely important, as they allow users to access Windows applications, along Mac apps.

The purpose is to provide users a better experience. Still, not only the Mac did fine to grow Apple’s sales, but some analysts claim that the iPhone and even more, the iPad, have also brought an amazing boost to Apple’s sales.

However, despite Apple’s growth on the business market, this company still has most success on the Mac sales to users at home, which remains its largest market segment. These sales represented up to 63 percent of the total Mac sales in December. Back then statistics revealed that Mac sales were formed by 63 percent sales for home devices and 21 percent for business purposes.

Education represented 15 percent of Mac sales, while government only 1 percent. Well, it is expected for Apple to have a boost on Mac business sales in the following period.

The most optimistic prognosis claim that maybe they will be able to even equal the home sales for this device. Apple’s entrance in the business market might actually mean creating an important presence in the corporate world.

This trend comes after 3 years in which the Mac stagnated when it comes to sales. Between 2007 and 2009, the popularity of this device remained at the same level. However, in 2010 this trend changed and Apple might be ahead of a spectacular growth on this segment of the market.
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