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Reliable Source claims that Apple will not ax Mac Pro

In the past few weeks a series of rumors occurred on the fact that Apple might actually be planning on discontinuing the Mac Pro. Well, now a new source claimed that there is absolutely no chance Apple would take such a decision. Jim Dalrymple is the one who made these new predictions.

The famous analyst has many times correctly predicted plans and intentions that Apple had in the past. During a talk with Dan Benjamin, Jim claimed to be absolutely confident that Apple will not get rid of the Mac Pro.

However, there are many sources who claim that Apple actually doubts the viability of its Mac Pro. The last update that the company brought to this device dates back to the summer of 2010. Moreover, it is claimed that Apple is not yet certain if the line should be discontinued or they should focus on updating it.

Until now, Apple has decided to keep the silence on its plans regarding this device. This means that users have no idea if they should hope for a new Mac Pro, or should better focus their attention on other devices.

Moreover, it seems that this waiting period may actually impact Apple’s sales, as clients will not buy the current Mac Pro, because at any moment Apple might make the announcement that their newest release is here and a new model can be purchased.

Still, even though clients are extremely unhappy with Apple’s attitude of avoiding making any official comments on its intentions to discontinue the Mac Pro, or on the other hand to actually release a new updated model, it seems that they continue to be interested in its product.

It is claimed that Apple’s customers still continue to buy their products as they seem to connect with both the manufacturer and its products at an emotional level; unlike it happens in the case of other computer manufacturers.

 Apple commonly decides to keep all its plans a secret, so there is no wonder after all that the company has chosen to reveal nothing on its intentions with the Mac Pro. Meanwhile, some rumors reveal that its time has ended, while others claim that Apple will not discontinue its Mac Pro.
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