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Apple begins shipping first orders of new 27-inch iMac

Customers who expected a new release from Apple should be happy to discover that the company is going to ship its first new 27-inch iMacs.

A much expected device, the iMac is quite an impressive Apple release. The 27-inch iMac went on sale in late November, when many customers ordered the new device.

It seems that Apple moved quickly and the company already shipped these orders to get to clients before Christmas. Most orders are estimated to reach their destination one week before Christmas.

27-inch iMac
Even though the original shipping date estimated at the time when placing orders was later than this, it seems that Apple wanted to surprise its customer and deliver their new devices in time for Christmas.

 The popularity of the new iMac is so impressive that actually the orders that are placed now are only going to be shipped in January.

So, an impressive number of clients hurried to order this new product and enjoy the improved features that the iMac brings now. The new iMac comes with a series of new features. The device features a reengineered display, as well as enhanced speed.

The iMac comes now with new quad-core Intel silicon and NVIDIA GeForce graphic processors, which definitely changes the way this device has been seen until now. In terms of performance, the device features up to 60 percent boost, which naturally means a better user experience.

There are some ways to upgrade the new iMac, too. For instance, the device can feature a Fusion drive, as well as other solutions that may enhance performance. In case purchasing the new iMac is something that looks appealing to you, you most likely will have to wait until January to get your new device, even though you may place the order now.

 It definitely is a busy time for Apple. However, if you have placed your order in time, you should probably expect to get it before the holidays.

 Until now it seems that the iMac has been quite well received by customers. If they will continue to be pleased with this Apple product or not is something we are about to see.

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